Tea & Talk





Moving Image

Talking to Abi and Katie (both specialising in different kinds of animation) about their Live projects last year:

  • they worked on an advertising video for Leeds Museum artifacts
  • Abi worked on a music video with some kids – this was very helpful in confidence-building
  • their advice: do something you want to do – follow a brief because it interests you, not just because it is live.
  • help each other out – collaborate where you can (sound advice for animation)
  • ask for help
  • good quality produce over quantity
  • Abi has contracts with bands for making music videos from asking people at festivals if they need visuals for their music – good advice
  • focus and hone your skills – don’t spend all your time making something massive
  • absorb everything (not quite sure what this note referred to, but it sounds good)

I know Abi and Katie well enough anyway, but it was good to have this slightly more formalised sit-down to ask them specifically about the opportunities that are available in the Leeds/Yorkshire area, and who I might look to for some small briefs if I find myself losing direction.




Illustration with all the illustrators – structure was really beginning to fall apart at this stage.  Laura-Jo brought in rainbow cakes, people were getting restless, but I got these notes from two different tables, let’s see if we can make sense of them:

  • contact local festivals – seems to be a recurring source of work for creatives, and good fun.  I will look into this.
  • during the summer – do whatever you want.  Good.  Very good.
  • keep blog themes minimal…
  • design for Messages Across Leeds (I think this was something Nic did) – keep applying for lots of different briefs (this in stark contrast to the animators’ advice – showing the difference in disciplines), this in order to build skills in juggling lots of different projects.  It would be good to become more organised.
  • search for possibilities of doing technical illustrations for very specific – possibly even scientific – briefs.
  • Plan you future.




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