Ok, so I’ve been trying to put together a showreel in time for the end of year PPP interview.  I don’t much enjoy editing, but searching for hours for appropriate, royalty-free music to slime over the top of my moving pictures was a joyous time!  After sifting through copious amounts of classical music (in particular, Schumann’s Scenes from Childhood) through this very helpful collection of websites:

In the end, it was difficult to not think the classical music would come across as a little pretentious, especially as I couldn’t find a suitable tempo in a short piece of music that I thought would work well over my silly cartoons.  Not the showreel anyway.  So, in a bid to evoke the same sensibilities I am affected by when watching some of Max Fleischer’s early cartoons (a kind of tipping of the hat and pounding of the heart in his direction), I searched for other music from that era.  Here, I found Vesta Victoria, and her hit Summer Blouses, recorded sometime between 1907 and 1922.  The lyrics are too beautifully suited to my acknowledgement of my possible retrogression in terms of animation techniques and styles, but also it’s about summer blouses.

‘They tell me they’re cool, but I think they’re very warm’

I have also just opened a Vimeo account, and will soon be uploading the finished showreel there.  Vimeo is where all the cool kids go, and I’m afraid I must follow.  I’ve been on YouTube up until now, but aside from anything else, I think the changeover is due mostly to it being quite ugly in comparison with Vimeo.  I hope it serves me well, and that I don’t start making stuff in order to fit in on this new viewing platform.  I really hope it doesn’t give me the ‘I want to be cool!’ hungers.

As well as crossing over to the Vimeo crowd, I have been gradually working my way up to having a more professional and easily accessible web-presence.  In the past, this idea would have disgusted me, but it feels almost rude not to these days.

I have done so by first of all, taking the plunge and joining Twitter.  It has taken a while to get used to it, but I have found it incredibly useful as a tool for finding articles and research that are mostly relevant or interesting to me.  I’m on as @ichi_ichigopan (inspired by Kogepan’s strawberry-flavoured friend).  This gives me a public forum to post my work onto while I get my act together and make a final website.  I do need to take down my first-year blog as my publicised website as soon as I can.  It’s poop and makes me look as though I haven’t done any thing for the past year…

I have also joined LinkedIn, which hasn’t really been very exciting.  Except for a message and request from Liam O’Murchu, someone I had featured in the Zero Days comic book I made in first year.  That was fun, but he never did reply to my reply.

A small change: a new alias attached to my email account.  The one I’ve had until now was silly, and sometimes embarrassing to give out to people.  I had no idea about aliases in the past, but now I have a boring new name – no fuss, no muss.


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