Screen Printing T-shirt



This was a project I set myself, to design and screen print a t-shirt for my boyfirundo’s birthday back in February.  I had my screen printing induction with another Hannah from fashion, nice and early on a Friday morn.  Here are  my notes:

Once your screen is ready for printing with, you follow these kind instructions:PrintInduction013

So I went about designing the image that would go on the t-shirt: a joke based on prop-making nonsense from The Simpsons.  UNFORTUNATELY, I got the joke wrong.  They make horses from cats, and cows from horses – oh boy, the fits of shame that wracked my stomach after this realisation.  So now I have a cow made of cats, that I need to mould into a horse before screen printing shuts.  This will teach me to research pop-culture references very carefully in future, as they are very prone to distortion in day-to-day handling.
Props Cow


Nevertheless, I still like my stupid cow, and now I have screen printing knowledge, which is always good.


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