Gross but true – Why no one likes your art


Browsing about on Twitter usually pulls up some interesting articles on subjects close to my heart, and then a few that stike fear into it:

26 reasons why I am worthless.  No, each point is certainly worthwhile, and does make you reflect on what you have actually done in the last while.  I need to practice my practice, and feel worthy of swinging it around.  There are many ways in which I have been trying to work on this, namely Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, downloading software/buying equipment that I might be able to work at home, developing a daily structure that I find works for me (and then losing it and finding it and losing it again…).

I certainly lack consistency.  This is not something that will change overnight – I know keeping myself happy, busy and focused is a bit of an issue, so I guess I work on all of that.  Bit by bit.



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