To mark my 21st birthday, my bo-ifurendo whisked me off to Barcelona for five days to take me away from the grey stresses of studying in Leeds.  I had in mind the Carnet de Voyage of Blankets author, Craig Thompson, and thought to try documenting the trip using my sketchbook as much as possible.  It seems I had entirely forgotten the rich content and finished drawings that he had published in the Carnet de Voyage, and now my sketched blocks look anything but impressive next to his emotive illustrations.  Here you can see his reaction to Barcelona:

And I am humbly aware of how much practice I need.  However, here are some of the drawings I managed to scrawl out.  [Aside: I also now realise that you must be fairly stationary to be taking sketches – on a trip that involves walking for long stretches at a time, I often found I was only able to settle myself into sketching when sitting in an eatery or cafe, which meant losing more time to aspects of the beautiful and historically fascinating place which may be found in any other city, in any other country.  I think I am drawn to these global constants…  Additionally, I found sketching buildings and surroundings to be most difficult of all.  People and animals stole my attentions, but I do want to improve my abilities in recording/drawing environment, so I will try to continue this on while in Leeds.]

Finding a spot for midday respite – a small backstreet kind of bar/restaurant square, quietly buzzing with life.


Beggar dog:


Park Güell:


Busker at the top:


The Palau de la Música Catalana:



Last day, wandering:



From the hotel roof terrace:



On the flight back home (I left my DS in the airport – along with Haruka – quite sad about this):



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