The second workshop on Marketing with Annabeth called for some self-interrogation.

Firstly we were shown the new VisCom website – a thing of beauty I had somehow missed.  It prompted some confusion and minor debate with categorisation of the work (one of the most common traits of our course), but overall I think the site creates a wholesome feeling of togetherness that can sometimes be lacking on this broad course.

This is what we were to work on: creating/designing your very own individual brand that would effectively communicate who you were on the whole.

What are your ideals?  What is your practice?  Who/what inspires you?  What do you like and what’re ye like?

When it comes down to it, my way of operating is to try and be quiet and delicate, sometimes humorous, with simple and often rough-looking/sketchy aesthetic.  I need to produce a showreel/professional website, but I don’t think I will have the time until either May or June.  The trick to being professional is still something of a mystery to me – I am a goof.  I like cartoons that are goofy, and I am pretty sure that’s what I will attempt to get paid for in the future.  I made this business card in the workshop:


It was never to be a final, real card, but I thought it good practice to just wing it and do exactly what I felt like doing that day, look at it, show it to other people and ask for their advice, and then record that and think on these thoughts when producing the one I will be handing out to my associates.  The image for this made me laugh – a fat-headed, round-bellied character trying to look haughty – but I was warned by my peers that this could send out a bad message for me: folded arms = closed mind.  I think I will find it difficult to have an image on the card that represents me without being a little self-depricating.  That’s where the fun lies for me.

I am seriously considering Annabeth’s advice in asking someone from Graphics to do the making for me.  However from my research into the websites that appealed to me, I realised quite quickly that I want to have my own penmanship on my promotional documents.  To me it seems like the most effective way for an illustrator/cartoonist to exemplify their skills – and I love doing teeny drawings!  So, I’ll get working on some kind of self-portrait/character design for myself that might carry well across the different platforms I use to promote myself in my practice.  More on this to come.


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