Those that I didn’t.

2. Collect an autograph

I didn’t much want to have another piece of scrap paper to add to the growing pile, and hadn’t run into anyone whose personal stamp I desperately wanted.

5. Go to independent gallery exhibition

I really didn’t go outside very much over the course of this task thing.  It was very cold, and I love our house here.  I would often call into galleries if I was walking by (or at least I did in the past?), but I guess that didn’t happen in that space of time.  Summer is good for gallery browsing.  Winter, not so much.

7. Phone someone you have not spoken to for 3 years

I honestly couldn’t think of anyone for this but my uncle Patrick who lives in New York, but I don’t really know him well enough to just phone him up, plus the cost of that call would have been extortionate, plus I don’t have Skype or any good technology that allows for inexpensive live voice interactions.  I don’t call people very much either – phone credit doesn’t grow on trees y’know!

10. Buy, read and compare a story from both a Broadsheet and Tabloid newspaper

Pooh, I suck for not doing this.  I am ashamed to say this is something I really should have tried to do too, as I am almost constantly out of touch with what’s happening in the news.  I gotta get me a radio.

11. Watch a TV political debate programme

Again, it’s pretty shameful that I didn’t try to do this, but having no sound on this laptop makes watching videos (especially ones featuring debates) a little futile, and asking other people to let me borrow theirs makes me feel rather uncomfortable.  I look with shiny eyes to the day I can command my own working computing machine.

14. Go to a live sport match

Blah.  Sorry.

15. Wear a hat for the day – (or don’t if you do)

It was cold some days.  I wore a hat outside.  If I hadn’t had time to shower that morning, I kept it on as a common courtesy to the people I was sharing space with.  Mostly I remove my hat indoors and especially when sitting down to meals (except Christmas and special occasion meals, which call absolutely for hats).

17. Have a conversation online with an art student in another country

I Googled something along the lines of ‘art student forums’.  I could have tried harder, but that fruitless search beat me.

18. Have a night out without drinking alcohol

I didn’t go out over the course of the tasks – having fluff-filled pockets and icy exteriors put a serious bung in any bubbling hopes of venturing out into the night.

20. Place a free ad

No reason to do this.  No inspiration to make this interesting.  NOoOoOo fun for me.

21. Undertake a scientific experiment using items found at home

I got as far as getting the film canisters, then forgot to follow through with the stomach tablets.

22. Send a postcard to someone called David

Very annoyed with me over this one: I got a postcard in Hull, and I have two lovely people to thank for allowing me to attend their wedding last year (they go by Dave and Emma), but I just didn’t.  I forgot and I didn’t bother when I remembered and now I carry a guilt like a sack of spuds in the pit of my stomach.

23. Donate an item to a charity shop

Not now.

24. Read a recent arts journal and highlight an exhibition that you like to see

Brain like a sieve, that one.

29. Talk to your neighbour

Tried, and failed.  They didn’t open the door when Fizz and I went round with some of their post.

31. Learn a new word each day for a week

I didn’t finish this one!  I was really enjoying illustrating great words that were very new and very exciting to me,  but I let myself fall behind with the drawing, and then the word-searching, so I felt lardy-lazy.

35. Find and photograph a gravestone of somebody who died in the year you were born

Not standing in a graveyard taking photos.  I’m not religious, but those people who have buried their family and friends in one are.  For a school task, this seems to be a boundary I am not willing to cross.

39. Don’t speak for an hour in a public space

I mumble and murmur and sing to myself almost constantly, when I stop I feel my lips getting all small and chappy.

45. Get involved with or hold a debate

Don’t fancy instigating arguments for the sake of blogging about it.  If I discover something relevant to something I am already blogging about in a conversation/discussion/debate I have a hand in, I will slip it in.  Less of that ‘look how involved I am in intellectualling’.

47.  Read a zine

Ah, bought one, only for Chief Wiggum on the front.  Forgot to read it, now it’s too far gone for me.P1340298


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