Cultural Consumption – Evaluate

I have a big ol’ bag of mixed feelings for this task.

On one hand, it felt (for the first few hours at least) like a great excuse to not care or worry about projects or study or learning…learn…about.  Here, this is where it began to bother me.  We were in the middle of a project that asked us to really engage with getting hands-on and actively learn whatever we wanted to learn about.  I felt like I was beginning to get a handle on After Effects, and not just using the software, but coming into college in the morning and not the afternoon or evening to learn something new.  I felt as though I was more involved with and happy at college.  Then we were asked to go away and sample new life things.  This premise I have no problem with – we do need to be open to new experiences, and actively seek them out too – but having twelve days to do this in created all kinds of stress that I personally did not respond well to.

I am left feeling annoyed with myself for not putting the effort in, but then wonder why I am annoyed with myself for not going to a sports match that I’m not overly bothered about, or taking a photo of a stranger’s gravestone…  These are not grievances I will carry for very long.

On the other hand, there are several tasks I am regretting leaving untouched or unfinished, and do have a niggling notion that if we had had the tasks spread over the course of the term, they would have got done, and with maybe an interesting story or two to tell.

NEVERTHELESS, it is a fun idea, and it does work well in this format for some people.  This was proven by those that finished the tasks, or even most of them, and were able to document them all within the specified timescale.  I did enjoy blogging about some of the tasks: it was fun to recount the trip to Hull in story-mode; making the Godzilla sushi happened only because I wanted something fun and interesting to put on my blog; I learned to make GIFs mostly because of this CC task (even though I was supposed to be doing it for VisLit); and discovering the Agar jelly was a milestone I will never forget.

But now, I don’t know how to bring this to a satisfying close so, all that’s left is…



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