#38 Find a poem that means something to you

This was before we got our briefing, but when we went along to a meeting for LYA as part of our involvement in the David Oluwale project, I found myself more moved by the performances of these young people more than I had ever imagined I would.  I don’t have video of them, just some audio recordings that I was re-listening to earlier this week in college.  I transcribed their poems to help me develop my work for Visual Literacy, but realised when typing them out that I wasn’t able to reflect the power of their performances through written word, no matter what form I tried rearranging them into.

It reminded me of the difficulty that lies in maintaining a feeling of freshness when writing, especially when it comes to expressing passion of any kind.

The young people we met have great talent in performance as well as literacy.  I didn’t feel that I would be able to seek out a poem and still feel passion through it/with it/in it.   The power of these young authors’ words was too notable for me to ignore when trying to complete this task.



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