#42 Listen to desert island discs

While we cooked up our smorgasbord


I was really glad to have been directed to these, as I have never before heard any mention of them, but what an incredible resource for quick glances into the heads of some interesting people.

Fizz and I listened to Grayson Perry’s interview while we prepared our three-course meal.  I don’t often get to listen to things beyond my tired mp3 player ( I don’t have audio on this laptop I am borrowing, we haven’t got a radio, and our television is used only for DVD and VHS watching), so, as you can imagine, my mind can feel pretty stagnant from time to time, and opportunities like this – where I need to actively ask someone to let me listen to things with them – provides not only some fresh aural treats, but also an enjoyable social activity that I haven’t experienced since being at home during the summer (listening to a radio show with others, I mean).  We have been of the mind to buy a radio for our shared kitchen since moving in, but somehow it just hasn’t been at the very top of anyone’s immediate-shopping list just yet…  This is probably the moment of cobweb-dusting from that idea then, isn’t it?

The Grayson Perry interview was shockingly in-depth.  I really was quite astounded to hear the penetrative (and sometimes slightly leading) questions asked by Kirsty Young, and equally awed to hear Perry’s very honest, but also measured and intelligent responses.  Very intriguing indeed.

We proceeded to listen to another five or so shows throughout the course of the evening, but – as the food got readier, people got hungrier, and cooking got tediouser – the interviews did fade more into the back of our collective consciousness, occasionally resurfacing with a glib remark from David Mitchell, or something scandalous-sounding from George Michael…

It’s great though.  I hope to return and listen to quite a few more shows sometime in the (un)foreseeable future where I have a fully-operational laptop wot is mine.


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