#1 Watch a subtitled film


I got to watch Ishiro Honda’s 1954 kaiju eiga (Japanese monster movie) Godzilla!  I’ve wanted to see this film for so long, I started to think I had already.  There is much more drama and romance than I was expecting, but it only served to make the appearance of Godzilla all the more tangible.  The special effects are incredible for the time, and touch so heavily on the real-life terrors of radiation and the dangers of the H-bomb tests that were so prevalent in Japan at the time… plus dinosaurs!  I loved it.

To mark the special occasion – and fulfull task number 48, ‘Cook a meal inspired by a film or book’ – I put together my own sushi homage to the tormented creature:This was a great task – though somewhat lonesome…  No one has time for Godzilla no more.  Or me.

Here he is next to our viewing box – proof he existed here if I ever saw it:



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