#32 Read a review

Reading reviews of things I have experienced myself often bothers me.  I can get strung up on a single sentence that doesn’t quite sit well on my frontal lobe, and come away despising the critic for making their heinous living.  I am learning to get around this.

I read through a review for Mamoru Hosoda’s Wolf Children, which I went to see last Sunday as part of the LIFF/Thought Bubble ‘Fanomenon Anime Day’.  It got a 5-star rating from me.  If I hadn’t been so dehydrated from my trip to York the night previous, I would have had the wettest, saltiest face in the town hall – as it was, I just felt out of breath with emotion.  The film tracks Hana, a young woman who falls for ookami (the Wolfman).  I will not go any further, here: this review is not bad at all:


While other reviews have suggested that the gentler style of Mamoru Hosoda’s anime is ‘murky’ , Ozman’s review has seen Wolf Children for what it is: great.

And if anyone would like to debate with me on this, feel free to do so.  *come on, lucky number 45!*


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