# 44 Do something different (you decide)

13:00 Today I will be the lady with the alligator heels; wearing them all day, everywhere I go.  It will make  change from my usual brown adventure boots – I think I’ll end up sitting down a lot more than I usually do, and feel a great deal more self-conscious.  They’re rather big and noisy.15:20 Housework (cleaning and sweeping and washing rice) somehow more enjoyable in heels and dress…  Fran keeps staring at my legs and I forget how to walk.

16:15 Back from Abu Bakar and International Supermarket.  Oddly shameful experience.  Wore long brown coat and took the back streets – didn’t help to alleviate the shame.  Feet swollen and sore; ankles feeling brittle; strong coffee and cigarette to steel my shaken nerves.

18:51 Feeling callouses forming on the balls of my feet, back aching.  Making sushi didn’t involve as much sitting-down as I had hoped.  Good, rice-filled fun though – best practice for #48.  [Note to self: buy sugar, and something from international supermarket I have not eaten before…  Try to find umeboshi, or something similar.]

21:44  Balancing a blanket on my shoulders is somehow much more difficult when wobbling about in these…  Gonna come off soon…  Or maybe I should go for the 12-hour High-Heel-Extravaganza and wear them ’til 1 am…  We’w see.

23:17 Knees are falling off.  No more.  This is stupid and these shoes cannot be healthy.  High heels in moderation then.  Has this changed my outlook on life?  …  No.


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