# 41 Turn off your mobile phone for 24hrs

(A lovingly etched portrait of my phone from happier days)

Well, I may not have done this willingly, but it is done.  I woke up yesterday with a blurry mind and no mobile in sight.  The story gets more and more curious, as my boyfriend received a message from it at approximately 6:30pm yesterday (Saturday) that read ‘am ok’.  This is strange indeed, as I am OK, but I would have thought that if whoever sent the text was aware of my OK-ness, they would have also known that I was missing a telephone – as they would have it, in their hand.

I find it difficult to imagine someone taking it for themselves, as it is very much my phone: it is a Samsung Genio Qwerty that has seen many better days; it has three charms (two china cat charms – ‘lucky’ and ‘dragon’), and a great little wooden ‘If lost please return to _____’ tag (which maybe I should have filled in); as well as a red Dymo sticker of my name on the back.  Additionally, the settings are adjusted so that it thinks it’s French.  I don’t see what use this is to anyone else.

I can see how simply switching it off for 24hrs might have been quite freeing and quiet for some, but for me, I keep my phone by me as close to constantly as possible.  It is one of my most convenient and immediate links to those people I cannot see on a daily – or even weekly – basis, in particular my boyfriend, who lives in Belfast.  Not having my telecommunicator has meant that I have had to keep the laptop on, and sit very near to it at all times – mostly staring into the void that is Facebook.  It has turned my brain quite a bit and left me feeling on edge any time I leave the room (this laptop must stay on the charger at all times).



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