# 27 Sign an online petition

Following through from Marianne’s show-and-tell in the weekly briefing on Tuesday took me though NeverSeconds, a blog set up by Scottish schoolgirl, Martha Payne, where she did a daily review of her school dinners, complete with photographic evidence of the lunch, and her patented food-rating system.  The blog is a bloody great read, but even moreso at this late stage, as her little-known genius went viral after her council discovered her site and tried to remove it – fears of their competence at providing good school food coming under scrutiny and whatnot, silly grown-ups.  So now her site is functioning quite well as an intriguing forum where children from around the world share their own variations on school dinners/lunches, and discuss together how healthy/tasty/filling they think it is, and even share some eating customs from their own countries in a way that means these children are learning about other cultures from around the world from the children of these other countries themselves, you see?

This is the integral force that really drives this blog, and the reason why some have even suggested that Martha should be awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize: she has harnessed the ability to address a global audience and taken on fighting against inequality.  She has raised money for Mary’s Meals in the past through school, but is now using her popularity on the internet to advertise the charity – making use of widgets on her blog site to provide a direct link to the donation page for any visitor.  As well as this, Martha has been blogging about A World At School.

This is the petition I have given my web-signature to.  Their aims are sensible, their goal feels right, and their moral compass seems to be pointing them in the right direction.  I hope this cause makes as much progress as possible, and I  think that signing the petition is the most active a way to for me to give weight to this hope.


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