Cultural Consumption

So here we go, day number 2 of 12 of our Cultural Consumption task for PPP2, and all I have managed to do is to sort the list of 50 exercises into three categories: Easy, Less Easy, and Tricky (meaning that they will require no-brain, some brain, and most-brain respectively).  In the remaining eleven-and-a-half days I will do my utmost to work my way through these activities fiftifold:

  1. Watch a subtitled film
  2. Collect an autograph
  3. Go to international supermarket and try a food item you have not eaten before
  4. Buy a National Lottery ticket and watch the draw live
  5. Go to independent gallery exhibition
  6. Go to a live music event outside of your preferred genre
  7. Phone someone you have not spoken to for 3 years
  8. Ask someone for directions
  9. Go for a countryside walk
  10. Buy, read and compare a story from both a Broadsheet and Tabloid newspaper
  11. Watch a TV political debate programme
  12. Make somebody a cup of tea
  13. Listen to a comedy programme on the radio
  14. Go to a live sport match
  15. Wear a hat for the day – (or don’t if you do)
  16. Spend £1 in an interesting way
  17. Have a conversation online with an art student in another country
  18. Have a night out without drinking alcohol
  19. Learn to spell your name using BSL
  20. Place a free ad
  21. Undertake a scientific experiment using items found at home
  22. Send a postcard to someone called David
  23. Donate an item to a charity shop
  24. Read a recent arts journal and highlight an exhibition that you like to see
  25. Play a board game
  26. Visit somewhere beginning with your first initial and fulfill at least 2 of the tasks there
  27. Sign an online petition
  28. Visit a memorial
  29. Talk to your neighbour
  30. Cook, photograph and eat a three course meal costing no more than £2.00per head
  31. Learn a new word each day for a week
  32. Read a review
  33. Buy and wear an item of clothing bought from a charity shop
  34. Write and post a letter to a friend
  35. Find and photograph a gravestone of somebody who died in the year you were born
  36. Visit a religious building
  37. Visit a museum
  38. Find a poem that means something to you
  39. Don’t speak for an hour in a public space
  40. Find out the full name and profession of your Great Grandfather and Grandmother
  41. Turn off your mobile phone for 24hrs
  42. Listen to desert island discs (radio 4)
  43. Play a game of Sudoku or complete a crossword in a newspaper
  44. Do something different (you decide)
  45. Get involved with or hold a debate
  46. Review an international blog
  47. Read a zine
  48. Cook a meal inspired by a film or book
  49. Watch a documentary
  50. beep boop boop

Good, let’s do as the notes from the briefing say.


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